18 April 2023

Actinomycetes diversity - 'To see a world in a grain of sand'

Live stream of a lecture by Prof Marilize Le Roes-Hill (ADD Hub collaborator at CPUT). 25 April 2023 - 3pm SAST See our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/antimicrobialdrugdiscovery) for a live stream viewing of this lecture. ABSTRACT: For more than 100 years, members of the bacterial phylum, Actinomycetota, specifically the Class Actinomycetes, have attracted interest from various […]

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1 December 2022

Newton Fund Comms Campaign highlights SAMRC-UKMRC funded health research projects

The Newton Fund developed a brief introductory video about the SA/UK ADD Hub. Watch here to hear from the Hub's PIs, Prof Rosemary Dorrington and Prof Mathew Upton, about the vision and purpose of the SA/UK ADD Hub, and our approach to tackling the global issue of Antimicrobial Resistance.

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10 October 2022

Conference Report - Annual Meeting of The American Society of Pharmocognosy

Dr Alexandros Polyzois of Rhodes University shares his experience attending the ASP Annual Meeting, entitled "Natural Product Solutions to Global Challenges" (23-28 July 2022). This, the first in-person meeting after two years of absence due to COVID-19, was a great event for the scientific community, which brought together scientists from the field of Natural Product […]

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23 September 2022

Conference Report - Natural Products (Meta) Genome Mining (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Dr Grant January of the University of Plymouth shares his experience attending the genome mining conference organized by the Novo Nordisk Foundation. Working in the field of Natural Product (NP) Discovery is immensely supported by computational biology approaches to identify, mine, and analyse microbial biosynthetic gene clusters (BGCs). These BGCs encode for secondary metabolites, many […]

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16 September 2022

Life Through The Lens

At the beginning of this year, Dr Grant Garren January (University of Plymouth) who is a postdoctoral Fellow of the SA/UK ADD Hub Consortium, was awarded first prize in the category of Best Photographic Image – Research Staff for his submission to the University of Plymouth Images of Research Festival. This award-winning image depicts an […]

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12 September 2022

SA/UK ADD Hub Knowledge Exchange

Jazmin Conway visits Rhodes University (June - August 2022) The SA/UK ADD Hub seeks to develop the capacity of Natural Product screening and drug discovery activities in Africa, to improve the capacity of African researchers to maximize use of our continent’s vast biodiversity, and to improve drug discovery infrastructure capacity of the continent. One of […]

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2 September 2022

Genome-mining for Natural Products Workshop (Copenhagen, June 2022)

Jazmin Conway (University of Plymouth, UK), a 2nd year doctoral candidate of the SA/UK ADD Hub Consortium , attended the 4th International Workshop for Early Career Researchers organized by iimena (integration of Informatics and Metabolic Engineering for the discovery of Novel Antibiotics). The workshop was themed around Genome-mining for Natural Products, and sought to equip […]

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